Tuesday, November 4, 2014

the bybee family

I had a lot of fun catching up with the Bybee family and meeting their little baby girl! Gosh, she is just adorable. When I first saw them on the shoot I greeted their little baby and she gave me the biggest, cheesiest, heart melting grin I've ever seen! And I've been obsessed with her ever since! :)

These guys were great to work with, and a lot of fun! I try not to talk about the status of my shaven/unshaven legs on a photo shoot too often (I had just shaved them, by the way), but you know me... When I'm shooting photos, sometimes I get to talking a little too much.... And when the conversation went from man beards to shaven vs unshaven legs... ya know. Things got interesting. One way to reeeeeeally get up close and personal with me is to hire me to take your photos... Blake usually just ends up shaking his head when I come home from a shoot when I tell him what slipped out of my mouth this time. Oh who am I kidding, this happens when I'm not shooting photos too. Yikes...

Anyway, the Bybee's are super awesome. Plus, they are one good looking family, which makes my job easy! Seriously though, can we just mention how gorgeous Krista's hair is?? It looks absolutely amazing on her!

Enjoy this little sesh of the Bybee family. This is one of my all time favorite shoots I have ever done! I know I've been saying that a lot lately, but I truly mean it!

Also, I dare you not to get baby hungry after looking at these photos!

When the sun came through the trees just so 
to add a beautiful golden glow to these next pics, 
I nearly died and went straight to photographer heaven! Amazing lighting that day!

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xo- Alex Hawker Photography

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