Tuesday, September 4, 2012

little levi.

little baby levi.
probably the most adorable little man i have ever laid eyes on!
this is one of my very best friends' little guy
and he is wonderful.
he's just the cutest, sweetest little baby.
he just slept and slept, and got passed around, and slept some more.
except for one little moment when i caught him on camera just taking a little peek,
probably to make sure his mom and dad were still around,
and then he went right back to his snooze....

i took these prior to the baby shower,
and about peed my pants laughing when levi's cousin told us all that levi looks like his dad because they have the same ears! haha! um.... what??
totally adorable, and great insight there!

anyway, enjoy.
this was a beautiful day, with a beautiful little family, and a beautiful brand new baby boy.
and this was probably one of my most favorite shoots ever.