Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Egbert Family + Baby Saydee

Of course I'm in love with this beautiful family,
this is my bro, after all!

Austin and Aubree just welcomed their first baby into their family,
and we think little Saydee Jo is the sweetest thing we have ever seen!
I am so excited for their little family
and this new chapter in their lives!
And I am so excited that Saydee is here and all is well with baby and mama!
It's so fun to see them take on their new role as parents,
and so fun to have our babies so close in age!
It's fun to have three little girls in the family now!
Lyla, Eleanor, and Saydee are going to have a lot of fun together!
I can just feel it!

Enjoy this sweet little family sesh!
You're just going to die over this baby's "kissy lips"!