Thursday, October 30, 2008

Introductions by Plain Jayne

Hello, my name is Alexandria Jayne.  I am Plain Jayne, creator of Plain Jayne Photography & Design.  I love photography.  I love capturing moments on my camera, the ones that come and go just a little too fast but stay with us always. I love looking back on those moments and remembering those times.  

I love life!  I find joy in simplicity and beauty and wonder.  I love to capture life as I know it on camera.  I love living life to the fullest and just being me.

I am becoming a Photoshop addict and a photography junkie and I find myself playing with my shots anytime I have a spare minute or two.  This blog will serve as a place to show off the workings of Plain Jayne Photography & Design.  I look forward to future photo shoots and fabulous shots to share with you.

Plain Jayne Photography & Design
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