Thursday, November 6, 2014

the arnold family

This is the Arnold Family! Brock is my cousin, so we basically go waaaaaay back. Our mom's are twin sisters, can't ya tell? Well, maybe not in the looks department (I wasn't blessed with as much height as he was), but always goofing off and being full of b.s.? Yeah, that's where we are a lot alike! haha!

I have to share this cute/funny story about Brock and his beautiful wife Carrie. Just a few short weeks before Brock met Carrie, he started telling me and everyone he knew that "wife was in season" and he was going to catch him a wife! Well, what do ya know? He met her shortly after that, and I dare say got the catch of his life! :) I just love these two! And their darling little boys! The oldest was really into exploring at the photo shoot, and got really excited when he found a super cool leaf! I've got a little explorer girl myself, so maybe that's why my mama heart just about burst when he found that leaf! Also, we had to take a little snack break during the session. It happens, ya know? And there was lots of sharing going on during snack break, as well as some brotherly love. It totally reminded me of when my little girl loves on her cousin Sayd a bit too much... One person is super happy about it, and the other can't seem to get out of there fast enough! hahaha!

Needless to say, this is one fun fam bam! Sure glad I got to spend some time taking their photos and catching up! I just love these people! 

He was playing with his mama's hair! So precious! I was melting...

My fave!

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