Tuesday, July 24, 2012

furness family summer '12

oh hey guys!
look who we've got here today, the furness family!

there's mommy furness {ahem, my big sista ashley}, daddy furness {mr jordan, my bro in law...obviously}, the star of the show {my darling niece, baby lyla}, oh and sophie {lyla's most favorite giraffe}. what would lyla have done without sophie? that's how we got all of the big smiles from baby lyla. there's something about that girl and her giraffe. i'm telling you, this is my kinda girl. animal print. cute things. you know, i think we have a lot in common, me and lyla.

anyways, we had such a fun shoot! i was so happy that these guys made the trek from utah and stopped by for their family shoot before heading to a family reunion! always wonderful to see these guys! even if it started raining mid-shoot. there's nothing that brings out more squinty eyes than a bunch of rain drops hitting them, i tell you. but that didn't last too long, and these guys were troopers! and we sure had fun!

hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as i do.
guys.... let's be real. they are totes adorbs. 
{that was for you, jordan! ha!}

alex hawker photography