Tuesday, July 26, 2011

mr. & mrs. + baby sabin

the sabin family.
you are just going to love these folks!
this is probably one of the happiest and most adorable families out there! if you don't know the mama by now {simply sadie jane} then head on over to her blog asap! she is super creative, super crafty, and this little family is super adorable! not to mention they were really fun and easy to photograph! they even kept the party going after i got stung by a bee and...um...flipped out a bit. {wow! talk about showing your true colors! haha!}

but, i think it's safe to say we're still friends.
enjoy this darling photo sesh! it's sure going to make you wanna throw a birthday party, i can promise you that! i love this family! they are fantastic!
































Saturday, July 23, 2011

the details.

hey guys!
i know you've been looking forward to this post for a long time and here it is!

i had a hard time narrowing down the images to these ones! {my job is so hard, i know!} so here you go, just a handful of sweet detail shots from austin and aubree's wedding! it was so gorgeous! i am telling you, it was a beautiful day and aubree and her mom are so creative and talented to put this whole thing together! i was sure impressed!

oh, and how did i manage to make it into some of these shots? that's my little secret. {ahem. thank you geri and blake for covering me when i had to step into the pics. i owe ya one!}

have a great day everybody!