Wednesday, May 25, 2011

under construction.

please forgive me while my blog is under construction.
all will be well soon!
feel free to browse in the meantime.
more pics coming soon, too!


Thursday, May 12, 2011


this is chelsie.
she is a senior and she is gorgeous!
she is a dancer,
she won 1st runner up in junior miss,
she has great fashion sense,
she's just got. it. goin'. on!
we had so much fun on this shoot,
just trying new places that neither of us had ever been.
it was fun to hang out with chelsie and her mom
on this photo shoot.
oh, and did i mention chelsie is my sister-in-law?
so, in case you're thinking she looks a bit like blake,
that's why.
this girl is freakin fantastic,
she's hilarious,
super nice,
and she's a beauty {as you can see}.
we kinda like her around here.